Lindsay Lohan’s Diary


October 15, 2003
hey guys, i’m soooo sooo sorry i haven’t written in a while!!?I have been working non-stop, i’m in Toronto, Canada right now filming a movie called Mean Girls(comes out next summer), and i just wrapped on Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen (due to come out around February.)? I am going home to NY for 2 days for some photo shoots, then i’m back here for a week, then off to LA for 3 days, and then back again…lol- I miss my family so much, so i’m so excited to see them on Thursday.? But anyway, i just wanted to check in, i’ll try and write more.. xx LL
July 13, 2003
Hey everyone! So sorry i haven’t written, it’s been SO crazy, we’ve been shooting night shots for “Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen!”? But i wanted to say hey and check in, i’m gonna be doing a signing eventually at Macy’s, and me and the girls from Lillix did a music video called, “what i like about you” that you ALL HAVE TO VOTE ONTO TRL!!!! Freaky Friday comes out August 6th, CHECK IT ON, and vote MY SONG “Ultimate” onto all radio stationssss….. Speak to you soon.. xoxoxox LL
May 29, 2003
Hey everyone, SOOO sorry i haven’t written in to you guys in sometime! I’m in Toronto now and working on CONFESSIONS OF A TEENAGE DRAMA QUEEN, and i’ve been dancing everyday and doing fittings, rehearsals, and so much more!! I love it though, we’re shooting here until the end of July and then we finish up in New York City in August.? I hope all is well, talk to you soon.. xoxoxoxxo.. LL
May 7, 2003
HeyyYy! I am in NYC for rehearsals right now with my tutor and we just finished up working on some history. I have a break soon and then i’m off to some longggg dance rehearsals (but they’re fun…) I’ve been so tired at night, i just literally go home, watch tv, eat dinner, talk on the phone, and crash.. right to bed 🙂 …. it’s nice, and i was so happy yesterday i came home and got this purse that i ordered and it’s super cute!!! But i gotta run, cuz i have to finish up some other things before i go… xoxoxoxox L
May 5, 2003
Hey everyoneeeeeeeeeeeee!! Watttup? I just wanna appologize for not writing in so long 🙁 i feel bad… i just recently got back from LA.. where i had photo shoots, did the cover of Popstar, Vanity Fair cover, and some other magazines, Movieline, Allure, and Teen People.. go get em!!! You can see the Freaky Friday trailer on the site, how cooL!? Haha, i went to SNL (Saturday Night Live) the other night and went to the after party and got to chill with Ashton and Britney Spears was in the VIP room with my publiscist and i, and i didn’t recognize her at all? with the dark hair til she was talking, so weird haha… but it was super fun! I started dance rehearsals for Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen today, the dancing in this movie is AMAZING!!!!! Our choreographer did all of the Austin Powers movies, and the Boys Remix in the most recent Austin Powers movie for Britney Spears, and she’s awesome!!!!.. i’ll try and write more, but GO SEE FREAKY FRIDAY WHEN IT COMES OUTTTT!!! xoxoxoxoxox.. L
April 26, 2003
Hey everyone!! Morning.. sorry i haven’t written in my journal for a while.? I was in South Beach recording another song for Freaky Friday and did a short music video thing for Disney Channel.. then i went to Disneyworld with my family… funfun.. Now i’m in Los Angeles for photo shoots and meetings and a benefit for Teen Line, where i’m presenting an award to Jamie Lee Curtis.? I’ll try and write in more, i hope you all had a great Easter and Spring Break!!!! xox L
April 7, 2003
Hey everyone! whatsup? Okay, i am sitting home on Monday, and IT’S SNOWING!!!!! Can you believe this, i mean, April 7th and it’s snowing!? lol.. i’m not that mad because i go to Florida on Saturday! lol.. i start rehearsals for my new movie, “Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen” (the title may change) but Eli Marienthal and Alison Pill are set for the other characters in it so far.? The other girls are auditioning on Thursday which should be exciting. I think they are going to have the previews for Freaky Friday maybe in May.. not sure.. in some films. We’ll see, but right now i gotta run, talk to yall soon xoxoxooxox.. L
April 2, 2003
Hey everyone!!! Wassssssssup? Well, i’ve been having crazy weeks.. some photo shoots, had Allure today, it was SO cold in NYC, and i had to wear tank tops, skirts, sandals, i mean, like in 30 degrees and below!!!! outside, by the water!! omg.. cold like whoaaa.? But it was fine, cuz i spoke to Ashton Kutcher on the phone. We have the same publiscist and it was tiight, he’s a sweetie.? I can’t wait til i go to Florida to the warm weather and then come back here and be able to drive my car when it’s warm lol. I got my car last week and it’s so amazing, i’m stoked that i actually have a car now, it’s kinda sareal.? Well, i gotta go to bed, i’m so tired, i’ll try and write more tomorrow.. GOIN TO WATCH PUNK’D!!!!!!!.. xoxox LL
March 13, 2003
Hey everyone! Wasup? I’m jus chillin at home, just got off the phone with the director of Freaky Friday. They had a screening last night with the heads of Disney and other studios. Michael Eisner LOVED the movie and so did everyone else, they are all so excited for it, and i’m so happy!! lol.. I have a photo shoot coming up next week for, Rising Star in Teen People.. and then something for Movieline, and others! I’ll keep ya all posted n stuff.. I can’t wait for spring!!!!!!!! and Spring Break!!! ahhh, xoxoxox.. peace . L*
March 11, 2003
Hey everyoneeeeeeeeeeee. wasup? I feel really bad that the last few entries i’ve written didn’t make it to get put up. 🙁 .. so i’m writin a new one now. lol-i’ve been really busy, and doin interview and photo shoots comin up. And now i’m kinda sick. But other than that, i’m jus gettin ready to go to Florida soon to record some more demos with other writers and to Disney World and to visit some friends in like i think Gainsville or somethin. idk lol. And then i’m off LA, then to Toronto to start filming a new movie i’m doin. I think we have some rehearsals in NY for a week and then the rest in Toronto. Then i am goin to LA to start promoting Freaky Friday, which again, is comin out in thearters in August!! So go see it!!!!! haha.
March 4, 2003
heyy peoples.. wasup? i feel sick right now :(.. i feel dizzy. i just had a phone interview for Movieline magazine, it’s coming out in May i think. i don’t know. i’m talking to my friend who’s a vegitarian. i feel sad that he’s a vegitarian cuz hamburgers are so freakin good man!! they rock. i don’t think i could like not eat any meat. that’s jus carazaayyyy to me for some reason. props to the people who don’t eat it i guess. it’s your deal, n that’s cool. well i just wanted to touch base, i think imma be goin to do another movie in may. it shoots in Toronto and NYC. not sure if it’s deff. yet though. i’ll let youz know when i know . 😉 … xoxo ll
February 14, 2003
Yooo-wassup everyone! Happy valentines Day! I am home right now, chillin and it’s valentines day and it’s also ummmm 1:45AM! I am actually talkin to one of my valentines online right now online, ryan….I know i should be sleeping cuz i have to be at a school to do something with some kids tomorrow at like 10am!! haha, but i wanted to tell yall to check this thing out that a girl i know Sara is settin up for me, it’s goin to be up in a week or so, it’s a newsletter and a site with lotsa up to date info on me, aside from this great site that Darren and some other people do for me. You can go to group/llofficialdeal to check it out, it’s for sure a cool thing to have and i fully appreciate all the effort gone into it and LLROCKS.COM,, and ALLLLL the other sites, groups people do for me… Imma go lay down now though, talk to you guys soon! xox L
February 13, 2003
Heyyyyyyyyyy everyone… It’s like 11:30pm and I am bored, just watched Mole earlier, hehe, luv Baldwin, funny guy- I am so sad, because I can’t sleep lately, I have so much on my mind, and I just can’t go to bed 🙁 …. And this whole war situation is seriuosly scaring me. It’s good in some ways, because I write a lot. Not like you guys care!!!!!!!!! Sorry if I’m boring you with weird and random journal entries. I had a phone interview today with Teen People, and I was like falling asleep on the phone, I felt bad. But I gotta run….XoxoXox-L*

and i just wanted to give a shout out to Rachel and say what’s up?… thanks! hehe, xox L
February 11, 2003
Hey people! haha, sup? Just sittin home, watching The Osbournes, writing some thangs down, and also typing an email to someone. I know I know, I’m doin lotsa stuff at once, but it’s managing to work out haha. I hope you enjoyed seeing the pics on from the Nicole Miller show! I just wanna say that, if you im me when I am online, and I don’t answer or something, then it’s because I really only come online to read/write emails. So if I don’t answer, then don’t ever think it is because I don’t like you or something, that is HIGHLY not the case, I love you guys so much! But I gotta jet, my phone’s ringing!! I’ll write in tomorrow if i can.. xoxox-L*
February 10, 2003
Hey everyone! Wow, what a longggggggggg weeekenddddd haha- My best friend Angel, and her sister came in to NYC and i stayed with them, we had so much fun! We stayed at The Time in Manhattan, it was great, I had to do some things when i was in last night i went to the Nicole Miller Fashion Show and it was great, i had to do some publiscity there and stuff. On Friday me and the girls went to TRL to visit a friend of Angels, Quddus. When we were at the show, the guys from Good Charlotte came on, and they made a mean comment about Nick Carter, so when they were leaving, i yelled at Benji! haha, after the show, we went backstage to talk to Quddus, and Benji was there waiting, he appologized, and we chilled for a lil after, it funnnnnnnnnn. I can’t wait until it gets warmer out or until i go to Florida!!! But til then, i jus wanted to say hi!!…….xoxoxoxox-L
heyyyy guys……… whatsup? I just wanted to say to check out the new Popstar cuz i’m in it, i’m so physced haha, someone told me i was in it, i haven’t seen it yet.. and if you wanna see the dress that Nicole Miller designed for me for her fashionnn show you can go to and type in “Lohan” under search….. well gotta run, xoxox L
February 5, 2003
Hey everyoneeeeeeeeeee! wasuppp? I am home, it’s Wednesday, and i feel really full from jus eating some Japanese food-ahhhhhhhhhhh .. lol- But anyway, i jus finished packin some thangs cuz my friend is comin in from Florida for a few days to chill, so imma stay with her in NYC then she’s goin to come stay with me… So i’m for sure physced about that. I hope you like some of the re-arranging that was done on the site with the pix and other stufff!!! Right now i’m not sure what i’m going to be working on next, but i am going to be meeting with labels and things soon, so that is something i’m really looking forward to!! Still readin things and writing things, and doing school work :(– which is NEVER fun, but worth it, and important. I am still waiting for my car, and we’re going to be moving into my house in a few weeks/months… idk! lol… But i gotta go get dressed!- Keep checkin out the site for new stuff… xox-Lataaa
January 8, 2003
hey everyone, whatsupppppppp!! jus wanted to say hey! Been chillin at home, gettin ready for some other things soon I HOPE….I just finished watching The Bachelorette and Celebrity Mole haha, Bachelorette is soo gooood and so is Joe Millionaire!! Haha, i love these reality t.v. shows! Ahhh, i go to get my permit tomorrow then in a lil bit get my juniors! So nervous!!!!! There’s this club comin up that imma go to with my friends, which should be fun, since i’ve been away for so long. Hope you enjoy the pics, i look bad haha, but they’re fun to see!!!… Well i gotta go to do some things before bed! talk to you guys/girls- lataaaaa…xoxoxoxo L*
January 5, 2003
Wasuppppppp everyone! I just wanna start off by saying HOW SORRY i am for not posting any journal entries up recently, or pics. I have just been honestly really busy. Between getting home from LA, Christmas, New Years, moving into our new house soon, ordering my car!!!!! lol-lotsa stuff going on…kinda~Freaky Friday is coming out in August, which i am really phsyced for, and we’ll see what’s going to happen next for me, people are just going to be getting back from their break around Jan. 6th or so. So it’s all good, i hope everyone had a REALLY great vaca. I’ll try and write in more often!!………..xoxoxox………L*
December 1, 2002
hey all!!!!!! HAPPY BE-LATED THANKSGIVING.. .lol—sorry i haven’t realy written in a while, i’ve just been literally working like EVERYDAY for 11 hours!! It’s all worth it though because i enjoy it. I am really sad that the movie is coming to an end, like December 18th we finish. But I am excited to get back to NY and get home to my new house, and see me friends and my BROTHER, Michael. I spoke to some people at Disney and it’s not deffinite yet, but they are probably going to release “Ultimate” my song as a single for the movie eventually, (maybe on like Radio Disney or something.) But not til like AUgust! :(.. lol… that is just for the movie since it’s like Disney adn stuff, it’s not involved with my Music Career, that’s separate. There are so many young girl singers right now though, so i’m kinda holdin out til they are done doin their thang, then i’ll prob start to come out. Hopefully it’ll all work out, god willing! Well, i’m goin to shop and get my hair re-streaked lol.. .xoxoxoxox..L
November 2, 2002
Hola everyone!!!!!!! What’s goin on?! I just got in, it’s Friday, and I am about to go to a Strokes concert with my friend Haley (who’s in the movie with me). Some pretty interestings things goin on lately haha….Halloween was fun, hope all ya’ll had fun too!!!!! lol-I’m trying to get pics into the website, again, I’ve just been really busy! Sorry :(….well I gotta run, talk to you soon! oxoxoxxoxox..Lindz*
October 29, 2002
Hey!! I just got back from the Santa Claus 2 premiere, it was fun, Spencer Breslin, the young boy in it was really funny! The movie was really good, i’m sure lots of people will like it, my little brother and sister loved it. A long week of working coming up, did some interviews for E!, Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, Extra and some others and magazines, keep an eye out for them. They are coming to the set of the movie on Halloween, should be fun, kinda nervous for them to come though! lol-I’m taking lotsa pics for you guys, so sorry i’ve kinda been slacking with them and stuff. Well got to go for now, xoxox.. Lindz
October 21, 2002
Hey everyone! Woww-things have been really crazy but so fun! I am in LA filming Freaky Friday, and everyone is having a great time on the set and everything. Chad, Christina, Hayley and I were able to hang out on the set the other day, that was fun. We’ve been having lots of band rehearsals, and we shoot the scene that I perform at this Tuesday-I am SOO NERVOUS! LOL.. Sorry that I haven’t been writing in that much, I’ve just been so tired lately, I never sleep in past like 10am and today, I slept in until 12:15pm, so not like me…lol I miss all my friends in NY and my brother in NY. Someone from Long Island that went to my old schoold recently passed away so if everyone could just say a prayer for him and his family, his name was Pete Harrison. thank you-anyway, hope that all you are doing well and having fun in school and stuff, i’ll try and get some pics asap! have 2 go 4 now-XoXoXoX..Lindz*
September 28, 2002
Hey, what’s up everyone?? WOW!!!! I didn’t realize how much work this was going to be! lol.. it’s all worth it and lotsa fun though, been doing band rehearsals, regular rehearsals, meetings, SCHOOL (ARRRGHHH).. and my like best friend was in town!!! So i was with him a lot chillin and with some other friends. I had to cut and die my hair the other day, :(… i am not used to it, but it’s realy good for the part that i play in the movie! lol… Well i wanted to say hiiii and tell yall i am trying MY Best to keep up w/ the site and get new pics up!!! They are coming soooonnnnn…. the cast in this movie is completely awsome for sureeee….. well, i gg .. talk to you guys soon.. xoxoxoxox .. everyone in NY and Fl. i miss yoU!!! Lindz (anna) haha
September 22, 2002
hey everyoneee!!!!!! What’s up?!?! Sorry it’s been so long since i’ve written, but i’ve been really busy with everything for Freaky Friday .. and my friend’s coming out here in Oct. w/ her brother and mom and stuff, so i am for sure excited about that. I just had a long night out witih my friend Hallie, Ali, Cassidy, Laura, Kori, Katie, Katie, Liza, and some other people, haha, crazy night but funnnnnnnn……….we were ALL over the place, ahh *Taiko* was the best of all! But, i am really lookin forward to starting the movie and stuff like that and working wtih everyone (chad) haha.. it should be lotsa fun! I’ll keep in touch and write in, we’ve just been doing lotsa things, band practice, rehearsals, etc.. so i’ll talk to yall soon.. xoxoxox Lindz
September 9, 2002
HEY EVERYONEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! Just wanted to say hi, I am at my friend Kimi’s house right now, it’s Sunday, and i am SOO happy cuz i don’t have school tomorrow!! I DO have guitar and stuff though. Getting ready allllll this week to go out to LA and see my friend hopefully who is going to be in town! I had a really crazy weekend, but fun! hehe-I saw Swimfan today with some friends, and it was realllllly scary!!! lol i think Erika Christensen is an AMAZING actress though. I can’t wait to go out to LA and start filming, i really can’t, i am just oging to miss my friends and some of my family while i am out there. I am actually running out the door to go home right now, i will finsih writing this entry tomorrow if i can!!! dxoxoxoxxoxoxo.> Lindz
September 8, 2002
Hey guys/girls! What’s up???? I am jus chillin at home right now, going to a sweet 16 for my firend Allie tonight. But my sister is in my room w/me, cuz she refuses to leave and we are watching a kid show! lol-kinda funny, but whateverrrrr…I had a long day/night yesterday, it was my last day of school for like 3 months, and i had an argument w/ a friend (an old) friend maybe last night. Kinda stressful!!! lol…But, anyway! I can’t wait to go out to LA and start working, i am going to be singing and playing guitar in the movie! YAYA! I am for sure soooo excited, and i can’t wait to see all my friends out in LA! Well, i am going to go, my sister wants me to watch some tv with her, and then i have to return some phone calls from like last week and stuff lol.. Then i am going to my friends house, talk to you yall soon!!!!!!! xoxoxoxox-Lindz
September 7, 2002
Hey everyoneeeeeeeeee!!!!!!! Ahh, first day of school- WOW lol.. i am only going until Friday, to get set up and books for me for LA and everything. It was great to see all my friends. The bad thing about the day was the weather, ugghhh, hot, humid, and BAD for my hair! 🙂 -but w/e guess i dealt w/it. I am just going to wear my hair bulled back tomorrow and curly on Friday! (as if you care, right?!) hehe…Hope everyone is havin fun being back in school!!!!!!!!! (i love exclamations!!!!!!!) haha-can you tell i am kinda HYPER? lol.. not too hyper just a lil bit. I just finished reading an article on Brittany Murphy, i like her, she seems pretty cool. I am about to go and work out now, (i neeeeeed to) lol, then i’ll probably go online, then talk on the phone, then eat, the go online, then watch tv (AMERICAN IDOL)–>okay, so, i luv them both, Justin has a whole different look and everything goin on, as Paula Abdul said, “Justin if you were to go and look “it” up in the dictionary, your pic would be there” she’s soo pretty and talented!! I am jealous for sure…but i cannot decide who i want to win, Kelly is great too, and Simon thinks she should win, idk! idk! idk! lol–well.. i am goin to do my thangg lol.. and then do other stuff i guess, it’s not like i can go out and chill with people or go out and partyyyy cuz it’s a school night-what a drag!!!–well i g/g.. xoxoxox .. talk to ya’ll soon, Lindz
September 3, 2002
Hey everyone, I just wanted to write in kinda quickly because i am running out. Last night my friend called me. I thought she was going to ask me about something, when she was really calling to let me know about my friend Bailey Ginsbger’s death. She was in a car with her brother, they were driving home, he survived the crash, and she passed away. A lot of my friends and I are in utter shock. I mean, how things like this can just happen within the blink of an eye is scary. I am not going to go on and on about this, I don’t want anyone to get upset by it. I just simply wanted to tell everyone how precious life is, and how we really do have to treasure every single moment of it. Don’t take anything for granted, be happy to have the people that you have around you. I would like to take a moment of silence to say a prayer for Bailey and her family. She was a really great person to be around, fun, pretty, and talented. Bailey, we love you, and always will…..Love, Lindsay
August 27, 2002
hey everyone!!! What’s up? I just got in from my friends house, and now I am at my friend Brittany’s house-lol, like you care :)!! hehe. . .well I wanted to let everyone know that there is someone POSING AS ME on a screen-name called Indsylove7- I think it is really sad that someone would go and pretend to be, I mean to begin with, WHAT IS THE POINT! They are being rude to my fans and making me sound really mean..I love my fans, and not only would I not be ME without them, but my fans mean the world to me! Seriously!!!!! There’s someone faking to be me and have this picture trail and saying that I have the secret pictures with Aaron Carter and really stupid stuff. That person is not me either!! lol-so, if these people would please find something more productive to do, it would be A LOT EASIER FOR ALL OF USSS!!!!!!!!!! Wow, I just got off of a few really long phone calls from some friends that are working like crazy and stuff-I love working, but I really enjoy being with my friends, I am really going to miss them when I got to LA for a few months and to Florida and stuff, hopefully everyone will come and visit me!! Anyone can! lol~ Well, I gotta go to bed, got a long day tomorrow! Of gettin something to wear to the (vma’s).. okay, my FIRST time going, and excited, if I see some good people, like Eminem (ahhhh) then I will for sure let ya’ll know!!!!!!!!!!! Well, be good everyone, and NEW pics and the contest will be coming soon! xoxoxoxox-lindz
August 25, 2002
HEY EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!! whatsup.. .. i just got back from recording some things in South Beach, Florida. I am going to LA on the 15th of September after the VMA’s on MTV to film Freaky Friday with everyone!!!!!!! I am going to visit my friend who is on tour soon which should be lotsa fun! I have really been working really hard on things and now i am jus laxin till i have to go to LA! Which i am really upset about! Well HOPEFULLY AND GOD WILLING things will eventually work out with everything in terms on singin and acting, then i will be doing what i really want/love to do.. i am really glad i had a great flight home. Actually just got home from an awsome party at my friends house and it was amazing, got to see all my old friends, who are still really fun people to chill with and stuff. I hope that you guys are enjoying my site even though there REALLY ISN’T MUCH NEW ON THERE, SORRY.. i have been real busy workin on things, which is good!!!!! lol-well, my friends say hey, i really do love all my fans, oo and P.S. there is someone posing as me which is reallllly STUPID on some Picture Trail site or somethin and on a sn, i really wish they would stop, but ALL YA’LL KNOW, IT’S NO TME, they are just being pathetic and trying to upset me and be mean to all my fans, but i really hope all of you guys and my fans know that i LOVE THEM SOOO MUCH and don’t know what i would be without them! I would never be mean to them, cuz i concider myself the SAME as everyone else, i really hate when people act different cuz they are jus getting a lot of attention for doing what they love….I really appreciate everything that is goin on in my life, and i really hope that all my dreams and wishes will come true, and everyone else, if you really want to accomplish something, you can, just DON’T GIVE UP! I know it sounds really corny but, seriously, no doubt, don’t give up, and you will do what you want for sure… xoxoxox.. Linds
August 19, 2002
Hey everyoneee!! wasup?!?!?!?! I just got back from The Hamptons out on Long Island. . .It was fun, lotsa things to do, i met up with the costume designers for Freaky Friday and we went shopping for clothes for my character Anna in the film. We went to Scoop, Calypso-Lotsa fun! lol. . I am about to leave to go to the airport now, because i have a 7:30pm flight to South Beach, Florida to record for a week, then i come back to NY for a few days, then on like the 25th i go to LA for a FEW MONTHS! lol~ Wow, running around a lot, but it’s fun. . .I am soo happy i am going to be working more and more, and again. We have an amazing cast in the movie so it will be rockin haha. . . . . . . . well, i gg eat dinner but keep checking back to the site for more info and stuff——->xoxo Lindz
August 12, 2002
Hey everyone!!!!!!!! here is a pic of a fan of mine who is REALLY SWEET with her friend who came to my sweet 16 in South Beach. This is the fan pic of the week!!!! lol-wow i sound stupid…. But, there is also going to be a contest for a fan to win a trip to my sweet 16 in NYC when i have it. . . The date is not yet set, so just keep checking back for more info! I am going to LA soon to start shooting Freaky Friday with everyone! (This movie will be in theaters around late 2003)!!!!!!! Very Excited, and working on more music for my album and everything and for the film. talk to you all soon!! XoXoXoX-Lindz

August 1, 2002
hey everyone!!!!!!! What’s goin on! I just got back from LA last night, wow, pretty long flight but fun and smooth, thank god. . .I am sad, cuz i just missed my friend who is out there now, but we will hang out another time lol. I am at my friend Victoria’s house now, getting ready to maybe to go an Avril Lavigne concert tonight in NYC. I am just running around, turned down a movie for another movie, i turned down something called I want Kandee, but i am going to be doing a film called Freaky Friday for Disney (it is a feature)…. VERY EXCITED!!!!!!! I am going back to LA at the end of August to start. I am also working on my music a lot, I cannot wait until everything starts to work out, god willing. Well, just wanted to say hi to everyone!!! Talk to you soon- xoxoxoxoxox..Lindz
July 24, 2002
Hey everyone!!! I am in LA now, i am chillin right now with some people, some girlsss, Hallie, Cassidy, and Kori. . . . . . . . .we are all hangin out right now at Hal’s house and we are about to go to The Roxy. Kori is eating chips, Cassidy is talkin to Hal about what they are goin to wear and I am writing to you guysssssss. I haven’t been writing lately cuz I have been REALLLY BUSY, I went to the Austin Powers premiere last night, it was really greattt, lol. My friend Ali says wassssup. I will try and get some new pix up for you guys to see..sorry they are kinda old and boring! lol-I am just working lots and trying to enjoy my summer at the same time!!!!!!!!!! I really love my friend Hallie!!!!!!! “Kids say the darndest things!”-Cassidy just said that, she is umm, a random GREAT ballerina …. Well, i gg! I will right when I get back to NY from the Keys, I am goin to see some friends that are down there for some work and other thanggsss right now. XoXoXoXoX-L*
July 17, 2002
Hey, whatsup everyone!? Sorry i haven’t written in a while, i just got back from South Beach, partying, working, etc. haha.. I am sooooo happy it’s summer!!! ahh! lol.. I am going to LA Wednesday, so i just finished packing, yaya! lol.. Can’t wait! I am goin to be able to see lotsa friends that i haven’t seen in a while! LOL~Like you guys care, sorry, if you don’t that is! lol…Well things are crazyyyyy here, my brother is in LAX camp n miss him, even though when he is here we fight, i miss him!.. Well, i gg… i have to get up early to do stuff..I will try and write to you guys from LA!!! Hope you are all doing greattttttttt and that you enjoy some of the new pics! I don’t want you guys think that i am trying to brag or anything in those pics, they are just some that we got from the photographers-we have a video of the party, omgg!!! You should see what happened to me..I got cake thrown ALL OVER ME!.. I am going to have a Sweet 16 in NY in Sept or October!!!.. byebye!!!.. Can you tell im like hyper!? lol.. xoxoxoxox L
July 4, 2002
Hey everyone! Sorry it has been kinda long! I just have been running around like CRAZY! LOL.. I had my party here at BilBoardlive in South Beach on Friday, it was soo much fun. I had Angel and Aaron and some of the people w/them spend the night at my hotel, and then me and my friend went to their house for the rest of the weekend, it was cool. But other than that, i have just been here in Florida, working and hanging out with my family and friend Courtney, my friend Victoria left. I am sure that some of you have seen the picture of my on that site for Aaron and Angel, at my party where i am on the ground, i am dissapointed that someone would put that picture up, but it brings back a funny memory from that night, i was throwing cake at Aaron and so was Angel, Vick, Court, and my manager, Mitch. It was fun lol… Well, i will get some new pics up when i get home hopefully!!!…. keep checking up on LLROCKS…hehe.. xoxoxox..Lindz
June 26, 2002
Hey.. whatsup guys/girls? lol.. I am in Florida right now, and I am upstairs at BilboardLive the club, there is a show being shot downstairs and some concert that is going to be starting any minute lol, I am with my brother Michael, my friend Victoria, and my other friend Courtney. I was working today and found some songs!! I cannoooottt wait until I can start working again!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHH .. Well the weather is okay here, AND GET A CLUE IS COMING OUT ON FRIDAY AT 8/7 CENTRAL. I am having a HUGE party here at BilboardLive on Friday, Angel Carter and the rest of the fam. are coming, and some other people I think. Well, hope yal are doing great, and i will write back soon.. goin shoppin tomorrow and stuff! hehehe xoxoxoxox…Lindz
June 23, 2002
Hey everyone! whatsup?! I just want to start off by saying that i am SOOO sorry that i have not been here to answer your question’s and send in new pix and stuff! I honestly do feel really bad. But i am here now and i have a minute to write to you guys and say hey and see what’s up!! LOL, i am going to Florida tomorrow!.. YAYA! haha, i cannot wait, i am having a party at this club BilboardLive on Friday for GET A CLUE which is airing FRIDAY NIGHT AT 8/7CENTRAL ON DISNEY CHANNEL.. Can’t wait to see that!.. I am reading scripts STILL and working on some singing soon .. so i am physced for that too… well feel free to write in, and some new pix will be up soon, I PROMISE… I am just crazy getting ready for my sweet 16 in NYC in September and everything… I am goin to see some of my friends from The Keys in Florida and some people are comin down with me, can’t wait.. well, talk to you soon.. xoxoxoxoxox..Lindz
June 4, 2002
Hey guys! What’s up? It’s Tuesday, June 4th, and SCHOOL FOR ME IS ALMOST OVERRR! lol.. I am soo over-tired!! I was at this concert, Zootopia the other night with some friends of mine, Aaron, Nick, Aaron’s dancers, my friend Vick, Tony, my dad, and some other people. We went there with Pdiddy, and that was hot. Busta Rymes was there, and my friend went up to him and then i was introduced to him, and i was soo nervous, seriously! lol.. he was really big and stuff, he is nice though… haha I have been doing so much work lately for school, and it is just crazy! I just cannot wait until i go to Florida and hang out and then work and meet up with some people. Well, i will try and write to you guys tomorrow or somethin, some new pix are comin soon!!! lol.. I was talkin to my friend Lindsay (pagano) before about guys, wow, they are soo much to deal with, no offense, but they really put girls through lotsa troubleee lol… well enough of that, i gg to bed! lol.. i will talk to you guys soon.. xoxo
June 2, 2002
Hey everyone! Whatsup? I AM SOOOOO SORRY THAT I HAVEN’T WRITTEN TO YOU GUYS IN A WHILE! lol.. things have been cRaZy~i am going to Florida soon, so i am gettin ready for that and i have had LOTSA tests and more coming up! .. but i end school in like 8 days which is AMAZING!!!!! 🙂 I am at my cousins house right now, and i just got off the phone with a friend of mine, Lindsay Pagano. We were talking about boyzzzzz…hehe, they are such trouble sometimes, arrgggg! I am goin to watch Zoolander lol, we had a LONG day, laying out by the pool, shopping lol.. im jus messing, it wasn’t a LONG day, it was a GREAT day! I can’t wait to work more and stuff this summer, I am SOO excited to see Get A Clue, and i hope that ya’ll are too!!!…well, i am going to have some more, kinda recent pix for you guys to see, some of the cruise, but i didn’t take that many. I am going to Zootopia tomorrow with my friend Slam and P.diddy (puff) lol.. and i am gunna see Aaron and his dancers, Matt, Natasha, Amanda, Blake, and Chris, and i can’t wait, they are really fun to chill with.. well, i will write to you sometime this week, xoxoxoxxoxox.. Linz*
April 25, 2002
hey guys, whatsup? i am sooo sorry that i haven’t written to you guys or anything, things have been crazy, i was in Florida, singing with Gloria Estefan and Jon Secada and some other people, and i met up with some friends and stuff, i will try and get you some pics to see from Florida soon! … i am gettin ready to leave this saturday, after my sisters communion for a Disney Cruise that i am going on with Aaron Carter and Angel and the rest of his family. I am excited for that, i get to miss a few days of school too, so that should be pretty hot.. lol.. well, i am going to be working on some things SOON ENOUGH! .. and i just wanted to say hey to everyone and let you know that i am doing my best to keep in touch with you guys and i haven’t forgotten about you or anything, xoxoxox.. L
March 27, 2002
Hey everyone! I am really sorry it took me sooooo long to write to you guys and let you know what’s goin on, things have just been pretty crazy…I am getting ready to go to South Beach, Florida thursday, spring break–>ahhh .. and i have been doing other things and getting ready for all my friends sweet 16’s and Get A Clue coming on June 28th-yay! lol.. I am also getting ready for my sweet 16, which is going to be in June, in NYC.. can’t wait~.. I am going to be working on some other stuff eventually. I will be getting some new pictures for the site soon…Last night was pretty crazy lol, I chilled with my friend Victoria, Frankie, Steve, and Brittany, and we were all jus bein .. i duno lol.. watever.. hehe, well, i hope that you guys enjoy the site, hopefully some more new stuff will be coming up soon, Get A Clue pics and stuff like that, talk to ya’ll soon…. have an awsome spring break.. xoxoxoxoxox!!–caio. . .
March 3, 2002
Hey everyone! wats goin on? I am at my friends house now, and we just got in from the mall, another friends house and the movies….lol– we saw, 40 DAYS AND 40 NIGHTS with Josh Hartnett, hot cute is he!?!? ahh lol.. i am wide awake, but yet i can’t talk right, haha.. the movie was good, but kinda odd at the same time. I am totally in pain from walking around a mall for a few hours earlier and shopping like EVERYDAY this week, its been crazy lol.. i have some new pics that i just got taken by an amazing photographer, i will be posting them soon, they will also be the new pictures in the fan club kit. Ya’ll will deff. like them! I am going on sunday to meet Sarah Hughes in Great Neck i think, that should be fun! she seems like a sweet girl, and an amazing skater, obviously hehe……..I am goin to Benihanna’s after that (awsome food). When i was coming out of the movies tonight, i went into the bathroom, and there was only one stall, and my friend came in and i was like, “get out, its not for 2 people”, so she said “OOPS OKAY” and laughed, then all of a sudden as i am about to shut the door, these 3 girls like buldozed into the door and it swung open, i was like umm, “this is a one person bathroom haha” and they starting cracking up, so did i.. then later on, when my friend and i were waiting to leave, they walked by us, and this guy with them was all, “well they have done that a lot actually, and if i knew that you were in there, i would have gone in on purpose”.. i was like, ummm, arighty then lol.. it was pretty wack…but funny, i was talking to my friend frankie from dreamstreet earlier, and he is in Vegas, where i am supposed to be actually for a meeting this weekend, but had to cancel.. he and the guys are performing, so they are havin some fun there, (being good boys we hope!)….well, i gg babes, i will talk to you guys later, i have answered the questions on the boards for you guys! sorry it took soo long, i’ve just been busy with new scripts im reading and school! .. they are coming!!!! keep coming back! xoxoxxoxoxox…L
February 20, 2002
hey everyone! whats goin on? i just wanted to say hi….i had a kinda crazy weekend lol… friday i hung out with friends, saturday, went to the mall and shopped, and then went to my other friends house, then left and went somewhere else, then sunday i was at my friends, and left for a photo shoot i had, then i went home, changed and went to EXIT (the club in NYC) for teen night..i went with my friend jess and then met some of my other friends there…then Monday (since i am off this week) i went to my friend Victoria’s house and we went to the movies with some other people and saw Crossroads…It was cute, i was really tired though, so i didn’t pay that much attention-lol..we had some pretty wack people sitting behind us, they were screaming some well, interesting things..haha..i am writing in on Wednesday and i am sitting home, tired, just chillin, my cousins are coming over and then me and some other people are going to go out… friend Mila Kunis (from That 70’s Show) is in town so i think i am going to meet up with her later on to hang out, cuz we haven’t seen eachother since July… well, just wanted to keep everyone posted on what’s goin on!.. I am going to be working on some things soon! -very excited!!!… can’t wait for Get A Clue to come out in June also! .. laterrrr.. xoxoxox–L
February 10, 2002
Yo Yo Yo! wattup wattup? I am at my friends house right now and we are chillin…what an awsome weekend! lol.. friday, i went to my friends house, chilled, we watched movies, ate, talked to people on the phone, and some other things….Sat. I went to a meeting with some people and my family and my friend at Jillians (an arcade and restaurant on Long Island) was madd fun……….then we went into NYC to a party and fashion show for “Sean John” clothing, and i chilled with P.Diddy…he recognized me lol, and we talked and he called me beautiful ahhhhh! haha..then we went to Lot 61 (club) to see him more and it was hot. I also saw my friend Tommy Davidson and Shawn, they are madd cooll…we hung out and had some fun. I also went to Serindipity’s in NYC, that place is awsome, great ice cream and other stuff…Sunday, i went shopping and ate lol…it was an interesting weekend lol… can’t wait til this Friday, cuz next week we have offfffff–ahh NO school! I think im goin to Florida for 2 days for a meeting with some people…sounds like a blast! jk.. im hyper .. hope you guys like the new pics.. i have some more coming eventually of me with friends and stuff.. later i gots to go… xoxoxox ~*L*~
February 5, 2002
Hey everyone! wattup wattup? Sorry it took me soo long to write to you guys!!!! I just have been really busy. Last week I got back from South Beach, florida with my cousins, family and some other people. I had an event to be at with some people, and a meeting with some other people. I had SOOOO MUCH fun though, the weather was amazing, and i am going back in april i think for work. Well, when i got home, i had mucho work to make up lol. Then i had some meetings, and lotsa scripts to read and went to see my friends at a concert. It was fun. Now I am back in school, meeting with people, chilling, and getting ready to work again. Can’t wait to work more, valentines day is coming up, i have a valentine (or 2) lol…but its all good….im out…food, crunches, then bed!…xoxoxox..L
January 15, 2002
hey everyone!! whatsup? I am in english class right now and i am with my friends Emily, Carrie, Kyla, and Lynn. We are really supposed to be doing a research project, but decided to write in and shout out a holla to you….we are really hyper and bored!!!! lol…Well, i had a GREAT weekend…Friday, was my grandma’s bday and we had family and i had a few friends over to hang out. It was fun. Saturday, I went into NYC and went out to dinner and ice- skating with my friend Chris (you guys might know who he is)….we had fun, we hung out, and met some cool people..Sunday, I went to my friend Victorias house and we chilled, and watched tv, ate, and stuff. This week should be fun, wednesday i am meeting up with a friend of mine, and friday i am goin into the city again. Then Saturday, i leave for South Beach, Florida. I am psyched to go..I am going to a benefit, with some other people, Lenny Kravitz, Enrique, his father, etc…. lol….well, i gg class is over…ill write later..xoxo Lindsay

P.S……I just wanted to say hey to a really sweet girl i have spoken to a few times, Inna Markus!-Be good girl…lol.. I will talk to you guys soon! LaTeRzZ*
January 8, 2002
Hola everyone! What’s goin on? its Lindsay, of course lol…Just wanted to say hi to ya’ll and see what’s up! It is Tuesday and I wanted to tell you guys about my weekend! .. It wasn’t anything special, but it was cool. Friday, i went with some people to my friends house and chilled there, watched some tv and stuff, it was fun, and Saturday i went to my friends house and we went to see “The Royal Tenenbaums”… it was a good movie, kinda weird, but had some funny stuff in it. My friend and i now have this one thing that we keep saying from the movie, we say, “you wanna jive talk w/me, cuz i’ll jive talk”…it is funny when you are there, lol. We went back to my friend Vick’s house and ate, talked, girl stuff, ya know…lol… and then Sunday, I went into the city with my friend, her mom, her dad, and her sister, to see “The Rocky Horror Show” for the second time. It’s a great show, really fun to go to with friends…lol-After the show we went to eat dinner and then we came home. When we were in the city we were in her dads car and were blasting some music, lemme tell ya, i was feelin it, it was madd hot..haha, we got some people that were walking around to start dancing on 5th ave…i love New York City, my friend and i love it there, my family too… it’s always fun to go into NYC and hang out, SHOP!!!! and do other stuff..well, enough said! lol.. can’t want to read some more questions from you guys!… keep a look out, i will be coming out with more stuff soon, Get A Clue is coming in a few months-can’t wait!..xoxoxox..god bless…Linds*
January 2, 2002
Hey everyone! It’s me Lindsay…What’s up? I just wanna start off by saying HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2001 has been a tough year for everyone, but this year will be different as long as everyone prays for the best. I am starting new things this year, and I am really excited for everything to begin. I hope you all had great vacations, but back to school now…….I am home right now, ready for bed, but I decided to say hello to everyone! Today was my first day back to school since the break, and it was weird to go back to school and wake up soo early after sleeping in everyday! I just want to give a special shout out all my friends, Vick, Lauren, Amanda, Jess, Ronnie, Matt, Frankie, Banshee (lol), Steve, and everyone else, of course, you guys!!!!!!!! talk to you soon..peace n luv baby! Linds

Lindsay Lohan’s Diary entires from her old site