How to make your own Lindsay Lohan Iphone case on the cheap.

I just finished my first iphone custom made case. There are 2 ways that you can make your own case with LILO.

I went the route of the rubber case with a clear back. I used the Griffin Reveal Slim Fit that I bought on ebay for 7.47 including shipping.

If you are ok with or like a hard case then you can find a clear hard case for .99 on ebay.  Once you decide the case you want the next steps are the same for either type and are fairly easy.

The size for the skin, the photo backing, is 2.2 x 4.4
Here is the link for the zip file of the Lindsay Lohan iphone case psd and skins. —>>>  lindsay lohan iphoe case psd and skins

Here are the actual skins, you can right click and save as to use or you can use the link above to download all the skins and a pdf to use in photoshop. Below is a jpg of the whole page you can right click and use to print if you dont want to use photoshop.

This is the actual size that you will need. I will include the 6 skins I already made as well as the pdf if you want customize the images.

I had some old photo paper and just printed the 8.5 x 11 sheet of all 6 skins and then cut them individually.   You can use regular paper or depending on where you live you can go online and upload to Snapfish, Walgreens, or Walmart  and for less then 3.00 you can get them to print the 8×10 so its glossy and looks like a photo.

Depending on the type of case, you will use the ACTUAL case as the template for the camera hole. Each case can be a little different so its better to use the case once you get it to make the final cuts. You will outline the camera hole and the edges. I was worried the corner wouldn’t be as smooth as it should be, but the case hides the corner so don’t worry if it is not perfect.