I Decide

Program Used: Windows Movie Maker Summary: Hermione is sick of everyone telling her what to do… so she finally cracks and admits that she’s independent and she doesn’t need anyone telling her how to live her life… it’s kind of a girl power video, again. Its not one of my best videos… but I tried and I hope you like it! NOTE: ALL CLIPS ARE COPYRIGHTED TO WARNER BROTHERS! MUSIC IS COPYRIGHTED TO LINDSAY LOHAN AND HER RECORD COMPANY! NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED! … Hermione Granger …

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25 thoughts on “I Decide

  1. Hn. I like this song. Even if it is Linsday Lohan’s.
    Not your best video, what with the frequent changes between fullscreen and widescreen and general lack of picture quality in places. Nonetheless, it’s a nice compilation. =}

  2. i still think that Hermione looks better with Cedric Digger from goblet of fire

    he’s soo cute and he going to be Edward in TWILIGHT!!!!!!!

  3. I love this vid. And Hermoine is so cute in these videos.Great/nice/excellent job making it.Thanks for making it and have the curich to sit and make this.

  4. Love the song and the video. Hermoine is so cute in these vid.Great/nice/excellent job making this.

  5. Well, now I get my clips from a really great site where you can find every movie on there. You can find the link in my profile since I can’t post a URL in a comment box.

  6. Wow, great video. The story is good.I mean, itยดs iteresting. Where do you get the clips? i cant make so good vids with this probgramm. and i cant unploaded them. i hate it, but what can i do? nothing, i think. o.O my english is horrible ๐Ÿ™

  7. I love the song and the video. Can I have a copy? Full credit to you of course. I make my own videos too and I know how hard it is to make it!

  8. Okay, I wasn’t sure if you meant the song or the whole video. If you’re just going to use the song, no credit needed since it’s not mine, but if you were to use the whole video then I would like credit.

  9. Whatever, idiot… at least I actally post REAL stuff and not stuff like that random crap that you have posted. I’d like to see YOU do somethinng like this.

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