Repost:——————-This is my first post. My goal is to add every piece I own and everyone else to post their Lindsay Lohan memorabilia to the newest site. The complete guide to Lindsay Lohan at This was my den. All the screen worn costumes from Georgia rules and prairie home companion all on display when I walked in. Since this is my first post if you goto and in the right hit my personal collection you can see some of the things I own. Hey @dinalohan if you do read this I’d be honored to have anything you care to contribute. Some might call this collection an obsession,but I call it a hobby. Please add me and look forward to talking to all the fellow lilolovers out there. Thanks to @lilolovers.arabs for winning the lilo lotto and convincing me to start posting on here. Hope you like @lindsaylohan. #lindsaylohan

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