Lindsay Lohan Should Not Be Posting Inspirational Quotes!

Especially in a different language! Lindsay Lohan posted an Arabic quote with the caption “You’re Beautiful” but the Arabic quote actually translates into “You Are A Donkey”! Nice…

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25 thoughts on “Lindsay Lohan Should Not Be Posting Inspirational Quotes!

  1. i’m arab and I laughed so hard hahahhahahahahhahahaha when I say this I
    thought it was a joke?

  2. It would be sssuuuuppper comical if she got that tattooed on her. Fucked up
    but a typical white girl. ?

  3. Omg lmaoooo yeah when I read it in arabic I was like “You are a donkey…..
    wtf is beautiful with donkeys ?” :’)?

  4. Ya’ll do realize that this picture she posted is actually making fun of
    people right ?
    Everyone is laughing at the dumb blond girl but the whole point of the
    picture is to mess with people.?


    how is that impossible XDDD?

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