Labor Pains

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25 thoughts on “Labor Pains

  1. I hope Aaron Yoo is in this movie more than this very dodgy trailer shows. I saw a previous trailer and he wasn’t in it at all. Not surprising given that Hollywood’s always trying to hide audiences from Asian faces, as if having Asians and Asian-Americans in a movie is going to keep people from watching a movie. Still waiting for Hollywood to wake up from its ignorance. I hope Yoo’s just not there to be the butt of jokes.

  2. i’m glad it is going to be released on tv first because i can just watch it in my on home without people telling me to be quiet.

  3. hey this is better than nothing..besides this movie seems like it is going to be really good. You have to walk before you run hun

  4. Not being released to theaters in spring 2009 as originally planned. Instead, it will appear as a TV movie then Straight to DVD…

    i wish it was released in theatres.

  5. Wow. This is going straight to ABCfamily. Lindsey Lohan is actually going BACKWARDs in her career.

  6. Its not going straight to dvd it going straight to tv first get it straight get it right LOL

  7. Yes, I love Lindsay Lohan and I believe in her, I know this will be a good movie for her.

  8. STRAIGHT TO DVD!, May 16 is a Saturday btw No official release date But every trailer for this screams straight to dvd.

  9. In theaters May 16 – USA
    In theaters May 16 – USA
    In theaters May 16 – USA
    In theaters May 16 – USA
    In theaters May 16 – USA
    In theaters May 16 – USA

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